Cannele and Crème Brulee are both oven baked custards. In this class, we will explore custards and all their possibilities.

Cannele is a French specialty that is a unique and delightful little tea-time treat. To make it, a custard is added to a small copper mold that has been brushed with a combination of melted butter and beeswax. You won’t believe your taste-buds! Cannele has a one-of-a-kind honey and caramel taste that’s silky and crunchy at the same time. The inside remains custardy while the outside is perfectly caramelized – almost burnt, but still gooey. Yum!

Americans are much more familiar with Crème Brulee, a decadent, more flan-like custard dessert, with a crunchy, caramelized top. Crème Brulee can be easily made ahead of time (to be perfect for a dinner), while Cannele is best served warm.

This class focuses on these two classic French treats, and students will make both, and take them home. If there’s time, we will also make delicate and scrumptious tuille butterfly cookies to serve as a garnish!

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